Monday, November 12, 2012

What machine is in that cabinet?

Steven and I were in Burlington, VT this past Saturday at the Re-Store.  There were several machines there.  As you know, I left them all behind. 

There was stuff all over the top of one of the cabinets.  Before we moved it all off to really look I reached under the cabinet to feel for a machine.  Yup.  There was one there.  But because there was so much stuff on top, I wanted to be sure it was worth moving it off.

I repeated my "internal exam"  this time with the camera underneath the cabinet and snapped a photo.
 We opened it up.  It looks too familiar.  I left it behind.  As you know.   I rather wish, now, that I had brought it home.  The cabinet was lovely.   Sigh...... I really have a problem.....

 These are not the same, but close. 
Now, looking at these photos I am inspired to see how they are doing.  The one above had issues with a stuck stitch length regulator knob.  I bet it is "frozen" again.  I can't wait to get my hand out of this splint.  I have too many machines that need me......


  1. A few of those blue and white machines have passed through my hands. I used to see them often, but not lately. I have never seen on like the center photo. I need to forbid from going on Craigslist. We drove 30 miles Thursday night and brought home a Pfaff 360 with all it's accessories, book, stitch wheel, Pfaff cabinet and sewing machine chair for $40. I haven't had time to 'play' yet. It has a broken reverse lever, but I'm working on trying to find one. I do have the whole piece so Lou might have to see what he can do to make it solid again.
    Take care of that thumb!

    1. A Pfaff 360 is a deal at 40 bucks. Free arm?

    2. Yes. Free Arm. Does it take special needles? The plate on the machine says 130R needles. The ones I use are 130H. I really could not find a difference when I looked online, and when I searched to buy needles with the 130R, I got auctions with 130H. I haven't had time to take the needle out and compare with my universal needles.

  2. You're White (pictured with the instruction manual) is a nice looking machine!
    I'd love to hear you're review on it.

    You were smart to pass up the White in the cabinet at the Re-Store.
    You have a better version of that machine....with more stitch options.