Thursday, June 15, 2017


The new house is small.  Twelve hundred square feet and all on one floor.  There is an attached garage for a shop and a full basement for sewing.  True I won't have the full windows for daylight but all of my sewing and quilting work space will be in one area.  I won't have to trek outside to sew and upstairs to quilt.  Plus there will be a small area for tinkering.

 We have living neighbors as well who are very friendly and know our grandson.  There are other friends of the family who live on the other side of the cemetary. Ready made community.

Bonus, there is an apple tree on the property with different variety of apples grafted on to the same tree.  I will plant some berries, maybe take along some mock orange, and of course, the iris.

I was out in the shop the other day. I started crying. It's ok to grieve. I don't know when I will be back to sewing machine tinkering.  I know I will again.  Maybe as early as July.  Certainly not for the next two weeks.  Sigh. 

Today completed the 6th of 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The next few days will be hell and then I slowly come back to life.  In a month I go back for re-staging.  That's the scary part. 

One thing I do know, when I die my obituary will not read "She fought a courageous battle against lymphoma."  Not me.  I am a fucking coward.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More Lilacs

Our house was built around one hundred years ago.  I am certain that no one has refinished the woodwork in all that time.  Until now.  This is the only window that opens in the house. The cord that was connected to the sash weights on the other four had rotted or been cut. I do know how to replace that cord (AMHIK) but we decided that we had enough ventilation with the screened front door, this window, and the three kitchen windows.  So we sealed the other four with caulk when we moved in nineteen years ago.   Oil wasn't cheap then and it isn't cheap now.  The large plate glass affords lots of light and lots of heat loss.  Even so, I will miss these windows.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Spark of Joy

We had a cool spring with lots of rain. The lilacs loved it.

It is so beautiful here in the summer.  I simply love this place.  So, yes, I am somewhat sad to leave.  It is time.

A few weeks ago I read a NY Times article about Marie Kondo. I think I will read her book.  The question: should I buy an e-book or the real thing?  The real thing (paper book, hardcover or not) will add to my stuff.  I could, pass it along, spreading her wisdom. Dilemma.

I applied what I learned from that article as I sorted through my clothes.  Ms Kondo recommends handling each possession, evaluating for the "spark of joy" and if absent, thanking the object before disposal. I was all about disposal. I handled each object, found no spark and tossed the item.  No gratitude for its service from me. I ditched two thirds of my clothes. I even discarded those "Oh but it  might fit someday again!" jeans, skirts, shirts, pants. 

Let's see what happens when I go to the Sewing Machine Repair Shop where most of my machines now reside.  I think I will find too much joy out there.  Shoot.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our new backyard

We went for a walk Saturday in the 'hood.  Our new home is actually in a sweet village not far from the edge of town. Reportedly we will have bears, deer, and turkey in our yard this fall.  Wonder what the dogs will do? 

Oh and tucked away on Main Street, there is a Sewing Machine Repair Shop.  I haven't yet checked it out.  Someday, next time we go.

We have another ten months or so here.  I am still employed and we must sell our home here.  Then we will be on our way. 

In a week or so I will head out to the Shop and cull and sort the remaining stash.  I have a lovely 15-91 in need of a motor rewire.  I would love to dig into that.  Much needed therapy.  I think I will transport that one to our new place and sell it there.  There is a paucity of good Singers in the new neck of the woods. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Moving On...

We are moving.  Fortunately, our new home is smaller, closer to family and in a village.  That means that as soon as I finish my treatments we will list this house for sale.

The property comes with 10 acres and five outbuildings (not including the outhouse, we might take that with us): a single car garage, a large workshop with a studio apartment, a small two story barn (could work as another garage, with finished space above) a garden shed and a sauna.

I can't take all of my sewing machines so I will be rehoming some of them.  In the meantime, we are working furiously to get this place market ready.  I should say that Steven is working furiously.  I work as much as I can.  Chemo gets me and I still have a job so there isn't much left.

It's been a great place to live.  We have a wonderful community here.  It's time to move.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


 I sold this machine over the weekend.  I am sorry to see it go but I have never used it and I need the cash for medical bills. 

It had a very smooth treadle action; much smoother than my Singer treadle stands.  I am sure that it will be well loved in its new home.  I understand it will be a birthday present for someone.  Sweet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wheeler and Wilson No. 8

I bought a recliner.  I know.  Please don't think less of me.  I wanted one.  I have cancer.  I deserve one.  It is a lovely, sea-foam green, leather recliner.  It is comfort defined.

We didn't have room for it.  Not that the chair is that large.  Rather, our rooms are small and filled with sewing machines.  The museum had to go.  We moved the antiques (Howe, W&G and W&W) out to the repair shop; for now.  On a lark, I listed the Wheeler and Wilson yesterday.  Today I sold it.
Just like that.  Hooray for me.

Here you go, Linda! (See comment below)