Tuesday, July 5, 2016


A couple of weekends ago, Steven and I took care of the DGD for two days and two nights.  She is cuter that cute and I had more oxytocin running through my bloodstream than is legal, I am sure.  It felt illegal anyway.  I was JUST SO HAPPY.

For some reason, DGD decided that the tote bag hanging next to her stroller in the foyer was hers.  
 We took a walk Sunday morning before her parents returned.  She insisted on dragging the bag along after filling it with her bunny and her tiger, a bathtub toy and some squiggly spongy thing.  Very important cargo, no doubt. 

 She clutched it in her lap once she climbed into the stroller.  Even when she nodded off and the dang thing slipped, getting tangled in the wheels, she wouldn't let it go.  NO!  MINE!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Remember the Fourth!

My cycling partner lives a half mile down the road and up a hill.  Our DHs cycle together as well and this morning I heard Steven on the phone:

"Oh, yeah,  She's really tired from yesterday.  She won't want to do that."

I put down my book and sternly admonished him

"DO NOT speak for me."

He handed the phone over.  I would like to say meekly, but he's used to me.

S. was at the other end.  "I am going to be lazy today."  So I knew a bike ride was off.  Her back was out from an over exertion at the Boot Camp exercise class from last week.

I suggested a walk and we agreed on 1000 AM.

At 0950 I  started out for S.'s house.  We were meeting part way on the road.  I wanted to set the "calories burned" icon on my new Garmin Vivoactive HR fitness tracker.  It was a gift from VW.  They cheated us you know.  That big, international, multi billion dollar, German car maker.  Turns out the "clean diesel" was a BIG FAT LIE.  VW sent out a Good Will package.  Five hundred dollar gift card.  Like that's gonna make a difference.  I spent mine frivolously with glee.  The HR ate up a chunk of it.

Our road is pretty well traveled and we headed back up the hill past S.'s house and up and up and up the dirt road then down to a junction. Turn right back out to the pavement down another road and past my house.  Turn left and you go up some more. Back in the Naughties we would walk to dogs along this route always turning right.  At my house Frannie and I would go in.  S and and Allie would go home.

Today we turned left.  Up and Up and Up.  Near the top, S. told me that we could make a loop instead of going back.  She hates out and back: on the bike, on a walk.  So we kept going.  

In the end, it was a 6 mile walk.  So much for being lazy.  I walked an extra half mile each way.  Then I spent the afternoon on the couch with my book and the dogs.

So now S. and I have a slogan.  Remember the Fourth.  Which means almost the same thing that Remember the Pfaff means to me and Betsy.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I had thought that I would just quilt this with a simple edge to edge (E2E)design.  Simple = fast, right?  I have little experience with E2E, other than spirals and stippling.  I did not want to do either.  I pondered and pondered.  I practiced on the white board.  I had decided to try a spiral with fingers and feathers.  My practice on the white board sucked.  Oh ICK.  So I slept on it.

I thought some about flowers.  I rather liked the idea.  Then, when I was standing in the hall contemplating the quilt, I saw the design.  Flowers in the colored squares, echoing the stripes in the pieced blocks and straight lines in the light blue.

The border print is the flannel for the backing; a perfect match.

I have four hours into it and have completed about 40 percent of the quilt.  If I hadn't had to clean the house and work on the relationship, I could have had about four more hours into it yesterday.    As it was, we are both out of town this weekend and the dog sitter would appreciate clean sheets, tidy environs and a clean kitchen floor that didn't stick to her foot wear as she walked.

For several days, almost a week, Steven had talked about a nice bike ride he'd like to do with me.  What could I say?  Yesterday we drove to Ilion, parked somewhere on route 51 and rode up and up and up for 8 miles along the Ilion Gorge.  I was peeved at first.  It was all up hill.  Ok, it was a gentle up hill, as Steven had promised.  The average climb was 2% with a very brief, 7% max , almost near the top.  Heck, by then I was all warmed up and could have peddled another 8 miles, as long as the climb was never more than 4 %.  The road, however, changed and the hills grew steeper.  We turned around and were back at the car in half the time.

I could do that ride again.  Steven, however, has other plans.
"There are nicer rides, closer to home."  ??????

So why???  Oh never mind.  This was marriage therapy, remember?  We must do some things together and after almost twenty years, its best to just go with it.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Who Needs it and Why?

Over and over and over again.  This craziness.  I don't understand it.  I don't accept it.   Why anyone who is not in the military needs an assault rifle.  Why anyone thinks the Second Amendment gives them that right.  We are hostage to the NRA.  Admit it. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Scraps.  More Scraps.  I don't know how many of the strippy scrap blocks I have made.  My intent was to use them for a quilt for my sister.  When I put them up on the design wall and stepped back,  I almost threw up.  Honestly  The pattern was just too vertiginous.  Now What?

I have some 5 inch square blocks and tried mixing the stripes with them. That was too much as well.   Nor was it bright enough. I tried to brighten it up  with some light blue .

   I didn't like that either. (My design wall/board is just too small. )

So then I started moving blocks around. 

Too dark
Different position.  Too stripey and too small.
Each block is 5 inches.  The quilt is 12 blocks by 12 blocks and once the seam allowance is considered, it wasn't really large enough as a throw.  So I added another column which threw off the original design.  
Shrinking the photo helps highlight the design. 
I found this for the back.
I plan to quilt it with an edge to edge hand guided pattern.  Likely swirls. 

I know that I had intended not to buy more fabric.  I want flannel for the back and I don't have a piece of flannel large enough.   I don't have much flannel at all. 

I will put a border on the quilt.  I think I will wait until the fabric comes to see if I should use this.  I think just a one inch border will be fine.