Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am trying to use up some scraps by making little wallets for gifts.  I have three more wallets to make tomorrow. My goal was to make twelve tonight so that I could deliver them tomorrow to my co-workers.  I got too tired.  We all know what that means.  MISKATES !

The nice thing about restricting my choices to my scrap stash is that I have to go through all of it to match up fabrics.  I reminisce over past projects ( mostly quilts).  Some of this I have had since I started quilting 12 years ago.  It also limits my choices to what I have in the scrap pile.  So I get creative.   It is a fun project and I finally sewed today.  FINALLY.  It is hard to sew with only one working thumb.  The splint is cumbersome.  I cannot easily cut fabric but I have learned how to thread the machine one handed.  Still I nurtured that creative spark today.  It felt good.

I also nurtured the tidy spark.  Well, I was trying to discipline my messy self, really.  I cleared off the cutting table.  It had gotten out of hand.  It took me most of the morning.  I had vowed to pick up after myself from now on.  I didn't do so tonight.  I just left things as they were.  Tomorrow after I finish the wallets I will tidy up.  Promise.  I don't want it to get this bad again. 


  1. Now that is some genuine progress!! Keep it up.

  2. The wallets are very nice. You're sewing skills are impressive!

  3. I like the wallets! Can we see the inside? Velcro or snap? The poodle in the "before" picture of the cutting table looks worried he'll be blamed for the mess...the two snoozing in the other picture are adorable.