Wednesday, November 21, 2012

C'mon Baby Light my Fire

We had some trouble with the Hearthstone yesterday.  It smoked, it would not burn well.  Steven was cranky and I was depressed.  I had spent quite a little bit on that stove in hopes that it would be the answer to the heating problem. 

Turns out, there were some issues.  The horizontal stove pipe was one, but there is no fix for that.  It just has to travel horizontally a bit before it hits the chimney.  The blocked vent was another.  Steven worked on it some more last night and this morning.  I know that he had plenty of other things to do and had not planned to be working on a wood stove this week. 

The other problem was that it was warm outside yesterday, relatively speaking.  The warm outside temperature prevented a good up draft in the chimney.  When winter finally hits, that problem will be solved.

We were able to have a fire in the stove today.   It just needed more air and with the vent cleaned and the other air vent released, it burned well, without smoking.

And Steven gave his approval.

"I think it will be just DANDY."

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