Friday, November 9, 2012

Don't Tell Steven

BUSTED!  SEearchingn eBAY for Marrow bones.
I was trying to get something done on the computer today.  Wrigley tried so hard to interrupt.  First he whined.  Then he put his head on my lap.  Then he climbed onto my lap.  He gave up for a bit, then he came back and climbed up behind me and sat down.  I was on the edge of the seat, so there was room, barely.

I thought it was so cute.  Steven would not.  I wanted to get a photo but couldn't find my camera.  I used his.  I did not see Wilson there until I had downloaded the photo.   I deleted these from the card.  He will never know.  Ever.  He never reads the blog.

Poor Wrigs.  He looks rather ratty with his hair cut. We tried.  But with my broken thumb it was a mess.  The poods will get honest to goodness, paid for haircuts on Monday.  Wrigley will just have to accept his status in this household.  He's the Mixed Breed.

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