Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grace Machine Company quilt frame

More than twelve years ago I started quilting.  Nine years ago I got Frannie, the poodle.  I stopped quilting then because she took so much time.  But before I got her, I bought a frame so that I could mount my domestic sewing machine on it and machine quilt.  I made one quilt on it.

Now I want to sell this frame.  I have another larger one that fits my "mid arm" machine (it has a 17 inch throat)  This frame has been stored un-assembled.  All of the wooden pieces were sealed when I first bought it and they have not warped at all.  The frame is true and the plastic tracks in which the carriage rides are nice and smooth.

Steven and I spent Tuesday setting up the smaller frame.  We had to set it up in our little apartment above the shop because that is where we had the most floor space.  I hope that a friend of ours wants it.

I found the feed dog cover and the darning foot for the Singer 66.  I had planned to just remove the feed dogs but I think I will give this a try.  Just pure luck, finding those things.
It is tedious to set the quilt sandwich on the rails and get it ready.  I am sure that there is an easier way.  The directions were not that helpful.  I still have to smooth out the fabric, or else hope it "quilts out"  By the time I got this far, I had run out of time.  Tomorrow morning I will try stitching.  Should be fun.


  1. I'll be here, waiting for your next post!

  2. How much are you asking for your 12 year old frame and where would you be shipping from? Please confirm that the wood and rails haven't warped/sagged. I'm in NJ, have the space for it and am seriously interested in buying if the frame is still true and your price is in my price range.

    1. Elaine
      Please contact me via email