Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Apron

I had to sew yesterday after I got the loft tidied up.  (I always think of Uma Thurman in The Producers when I say that.  I should spell it Tidy OOP ).

I wanted to make a gift for our hostess and thought that a tote bag would just be too boring.  So I found an apron and used it as a pattern.  I looked up how to make a bias tube on Yahoo ( and had the apron done at 3:45.  Plenty of time for a shower and a change of clothes and a trip down street to the party by 4:00.  We were fashionably late at 4:09.

I learned all sorts of stuff, basic sewing skills that I already know but forgot.  It was a fun little project and plan to make more.


  1. You look MAAAAA-velous, daaaaaa-ling!

  2. Yes, Joann does look maaaa-velous. I am not that thin!