Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daphne Throw by Valori Wells

My friend Melany has a lovely store; Project Anthologies  She has some nifty project kits all made up but no EXAMPLES.  So I volunteered to sew up one of her kits so that she can display it.

I want to tell you; the fabric is FABULOUS!  I decided that I would sew everything together first and then run the pieced quilt through the wash BEFORE I make the sandwich.  I know that we are supposed to wash the fabric FIRST but I wanted to get going on this project SOON.  So I cheated.  I am glad that I did.  I just love the smell of warm, steamy fabric finish wafting up from the iron as I press seams.  It brings back memories of.....something.....wait......oh yeah.....warm, steamy fabric finish.

Melany and I decided that I should make the Daphne Throw

 She has coordinating fabric and thread bundled nicely, all cut in the required yardage.  I had to cut the pieces, anyone with two healthy thumbs can do it pretty easily.  I managed.  Don't worry about me. 

It is a 65 X 65 inch quilt.  I plan to quilt it on the frame.  Might as well.  The frame is set up and it will be a perfect size for that frame. 

I love the colors
The directions are pretty easy to follow but I still might put together a little tutorial on how I did it. 

I have to finish piecing it tomorrow morning and then I will wash the backing and the quilt top.  Once they are dry I will set it up on the quilt frame.  That means that I must finish this practice quilt that I have set up on the frame.  Or I could just take it off.
It's been a while since I pieced a quilt. I could have used the Kenmore 158.1760.  It's all set up and ready to go.
Kenmore 158.1760
Or the 158.96
 Kenmore 158.96
I am, however, piecing. I therefore decided that I would use every quilter's dream machine.  One of my Featherweights.
It was a good choice.  The motor, however was lurching.  I think it was likely a loose belt.  But it could have been the fact that I was wearing my "Aging Rock Star Boots" as I was sewing on the button foot controller.  The controller had been re-wired by a Certified Sewing Machine Technician a while back.  The wire to the controller is a bit short.  Betsy said "Well it least it doesn't slide away from you!"  I said "Nope, it dangles."  I guess The Certified Sewing Machine Technician will have to re-do that job!

From the looks of the photo on the pattern card, she did not bind it.  I think that I may have to.  I think I have enough of Fabric B to make a bias tube... Oh won't that be fun.

Now, did anyone notice the double spaces after my periods?  Well, I know that I put them there.  I have decided that it is just too much work for an old lady like me to try to learn that typing rule.  Where will it get me?  Will I be happier?  Richer?  More content?  Will it ensure me a space in Heaven?  Probably not.  So, there. Max doesn't read the blog. He will never know.


  1. For some reason this post brought tears to my eyes. The beautiful fabric coming together on your little featherweight. I'm officially a dork. xoxo

  2. I just love Melany and Project Anthologies! It's a great idea to have a sample of the project in the kits. :) I'm a very visual person and whenever possible, I love to see a sample before I tackle a new project. ---And for the record, I also double space after each period. That's what I was taught and I'm sticking with it!

  3. Quilting clearly sucks the life right out of dogs.

    Love the fabric! Melany's got some lovely choices at PA. ;)

  4. It was a recent discovery for me also regarding the double spacing at the end of a sentence! All that time I wasted double spacing and trying to figure out why my double spaces were being ignored when doing a blot post!