Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It is listed on eBay.  I hated to have to do it but I have to sell some machines.  This is a nice one, though.  It really is.  If I didn't already have one, I would be keeping this one.  It was such a pleasure to use.  It even accepts plastic bobbins.  My 201 won't do that.  Not without protest.  I should include some metal ones, though.  Just because....


  1. I have two of this model also. I love the 401's. Great machines!

    1. I have the 404 and the 403. Would like a Rocketeer but only for a song.

  2. I have a 401 as well. And my 11 year old daughter has the 500 rocketeer. She really likes sewing on it and has made quite a few things with it. One reason it works for her is that the reverse is just up. You don't have to hold or push anything. Just push the lever and back up, then pull down when you want to go forward. She had trouble with other machines for this same reason. I heard the 500 is the same machine inside as the 401. I think the 500 looks cooler.