Sunday, November 18, 2012


Betsy called me this morning at 8 AM.

"I am calling so that you can talk me out of going to an auction in Cobleskill."

"You are calling ME to talk YOU OUT of going to an AUCTION?"

"Yes, there is a sewing machine there.  I want you to tell me it isn't worth going there for.  Go to and look."

So I did, of course.  The machine was in a case and it was not any machine that I recognized nor wanted.  It wasn't too hard to talk her out of going.  We have too much to do. 

"OK good.  I have too much to do.  I will be over at about one."

The board meeting for Sewing Machine Magic was to  meet  at two today and we had to prepare.  Our board is pretty strict

If we are not prepared, they will likely cut off our funding.

Betsy arrived promptly, on time, at one thirtythree.  She did say "about one."  We got right down to business.  First we had to review the video I took of Steve and Kurt moving the Heartstone Stove from the truck to the shop:
Then we had to review the video of Vic loading it into the Truck yesterday.
 OK, I have a tractor with a bucket loader.  It is very tricky to ease that bucket down smoothly and carefully.  Kudos to Vic for being such an expert.  

Finally we got down to some business.  As in recording the $9.60 in sales tax that we collected so far this quarter.  And then we had to figure out how to create an account with the SONY so that we can PAY our quarterly tax bill when it is due in December.  If that wasn't enough frustration, then we took more photos of the pristine, vintage 329K we want to list on eBay and uploaded them.

Finally we had a chance to sew and headed out to the toasty sewing loft to make some diapers.  Betsy is to be a Grandmother in a few months.  She is getting ready.

We each made one.  Admittedly hers (the yellow one) came out better.  She has two healthy thumbs.

They were pretty easy to make.  But still, the meeting went way over and the board got frustrated with us for delaying dinner.  None the less, they were appeased with some liver topping their kibble and a raw hide each.
Now two of them are sound asleep next to me. 


  1. I adore your Board! and admit to some anxiety as I watched the stove go into the building. How do people who don't have access to that cool lifter-machine get their stoves stalled?

    1. They hire people with such equipment. That stove weighs 700 pounds. Just found the specs on line. Steven's truck rode like a Cadillac with all that weight in it.

  2. Your posts are hilarious, love your blog. I also love the looks of the 327s and 328s and have a few. They all seem quite sluggish to me, even after a thorough cleaning and oiling. I'm wondering if they are all like that or if I just have not found a good one yet.

    1. The 327 and 328 were reportedly the bait to get people in the shop at the time the 401s were being sold, I believe. Could be wrong. Still it makes a nice stitch and for a beginning sewist I think it is a find machine.

  3. Next time just answer: Remember the Pfaff. Should do the trick.