Sunday, November 11, 2012


Steven and I took a little trip to Vermont yesterday to visit family.  On the way we stopped at the Re-Store in Burlington.  There were four sewing machines there.  A Singer of some sort.  I did not look past the horizontal spool pin, a White Rotary (just lovely, adorable and in very good shape);  another White zz blue and white gorgeous machine (I have one) and a Singer Touchtronic.  They all stayed behind.

I would have bought the White zz end loader but we did not have room in the car for it and for the table.  It had a lovely table.

Steven was enthusiastically helping me look.  He knew right where to go in the store. He moved the microfiche reader off of the top of the White so I could see it.  He was willing to move stuff around in the car so that we could bring any one of them home.  I made the decision to leave them behind.
I would have loved that cabinet, though....But where would I put it?


  1. Oh, I bet that was hard. My husband enables me too. Hope your trip was wonderful!

  2. You may be on the road to SMAD recovery...

  3. The Singer Touchtronic probably had busted gears. If the electronic board on that machine goes bad the machine is useless.
    Christmas is coming. I've decided it's a good time to thin the heard. I'm going to list some machines craigslist.