Thursday, November 15, 2012


 A few weeks ago I cleaned the house.  This was a momentous occasion.  Steven  seized the opportunity and invited some friends over for dinner.  He cooked (i.e. ordered take out from the Chinese restaurant).

K. brought over a beer that had been given to him.  It came from Middle Ages Brewing Company in Syracuse.

Now,  I am a wine drinker and had started on a glass of a very nice Albarino.  But I tasted that Dragon Slayer Stout and LIKED IT.  K. and Steven liked it too.  D. and I were jabbering away about sewing and machines while they were slowly sliding under the table.  The stuff is STOUT. D and I were oblivious to their increasing inebriation.  Turns out, D. learned how to sew on a 201 and was thrilled to see mine in the sewing loft.  Long ago her 201 disappeared.  She said she would like another. ( I wonder where she would ever find one?)

Tuesday Steven and I were reminiscing about that dinner and about that beer.  I looked up the brewery on the internet and we decided that we should go over for a visit one day.

"All we have to do is find a sewing machine up that way and we can go." he said.  Oh the enabling..

I needed no more encouragement.  I immediately checked Craigs List.  Whoopee  There was a 201-2 for sale in Liverpool.  I responded right away.

"Can you go tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Nope, I have to show the apartment."


"I have to work."

"Friday is out for me, I have a hair thing."  (I might add that it is sacrilegious to EVER cancel a hair thing with my hair dresser.  It just isn't done)

"Well, you know, D. wants a 201-2.  This looks like it might be a good one for her. If its available I may just have to go by myself."

 I did and came home with a 1947 201-2 in a very nice Singer # 42 Cabinet.  You cannot tell from the picture, but the numbers on the SL regulator are legible.  The machine has been used but it is dry.  The motor leads look OK but I haven't checked them thoroughly.  I disconnected them with my good hand and the seller lifted the machine out of the cabinet and loaded them both into the Jetta.  Steven brought them into the shop for me.  This dependent damsel nonsense is getting to me. Not my style.

I am keeping this cabinet.  D. may get the machine.  She can have the library cabinet that I am using now or the other 42 I have.  Or I may keep this machine, depends on how it stitches.....

Oh how I love the 201-2

And to read what was originally said about the #42 Cabinet check out this link:


  1. I used to do the heavy lifting, (and still can if absolutely necessary) BUT have found that playing Delicate granny Damsel saves my back. I used to think I shouldn't ask for help - but now I've noticed most people who offer, enjoy giving assistance. So I graciously "let" them assist. (This philosophy does not always work with husbands)

    1. Right, which is how I broke my thumb.....Please note, after the injury Steven was able to position the stupid belly mower all by himself.

  2. Gorgeous machine, my friend has one in that exact same cabinet and I'm always getting after her to get it in running order! It needs some electrical work. But that cabinet, I just love the lines on that thing.

    1. Oh She MUST get it running ! I spent the morning with one of my 201s (the Pittsburgh Centennial) smooth and quiet and lovely stitches. Even with red thread.......

  3. That cabinet is awesome. Just bought 15-91 in queen Anne .... Now I want this cabinet. Oh..the hunt .