Friday, November 30, 2012

Daphne Throw, still continued.

I don't know if you can see the FMQ  in this photo.  I am having a boat load of fun working on this project.  The designer suggested FMQuilting along the fabric pattern.  I like that idea and wished that I had felt confident enough to do so from the get go.  I am already bored with the meandering thing.  I have over half of the quilt to go and am running out of thread.  I can get more.  I just had wanted to finish today. 

I am not unhappy with the stitches, though I think they could be longer.  That means moving the machine faster or running the motor more slowly.  Since I control the motor with my left hand, it is easiest to just hold the thing down, full throttle (which MIGHT be 500 spm).

I am pleased  with the way it looks on the back, too.  (Boy, this photo has washed out the colors.  It is much more of a teal green. )
 Probably by the time I finish the quilt, my stitches will be more uniform and my meandering will be more interesting. 

The other Daphne
Frannie's middle name is Daphne because Steven would not let me name her FD.  So she is Francine Daphne.  Very proper for a Poodle.  Especially a nesting poodle.

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