Friday, September 28, 2012

Singer 115 HOOK

Oh my, the hook on the Singer 115 is filthy. I looked at it tonight and decided that I really should take it apart.  But, I have only one Singer 115.  What if I really futz it up and cannot get it back together?  Oh, right, I paid 5 bucks for the machine (plus 25 for shipping) and it would not be the worst thing I have done.  It will never stitch as it is.   I took the leap.

I removed the two screws seen here.
And got this. OMIGOSH
I had been soaking this hook for WEEKS in some sort of solvent.  I think it was a petroleum product because it was pretty oily.  Degreaser would have dried out as would dentaured alcohol.  I actually think I sprayed gobs of LW on it.  It worked.  Those screws loosened pretty readily

I scrubbed the gib (I am calling it that, don't know if it is right.  Guess I could look it up on a parts diagram.  Be, right back)  OK, its called the rotating hook section.  Really;  part number 55633. 
OOOHHH  still needs work.  I used the honing tool that I bought from Ray White.  I think that maybe steel wool would work better.

 I did clean it up a bit.  There is more work to do.  I had to put it all back together again, though.  Otherwise I would not remember how it fits.  Tomorrow I will finish cleaning it up.  It rotates.  But there is a catch in it somewhere.  What a mess.


  1. Good Lord! How did it get so GUMMY?!? You wonder where it was stored. I have every confidence that you will figure it out! ;)

    1. I always feel so sad as I am cleaning these wonderful old machines that they were so neglected. This machine is from 1916 so I imagine it has been in cellars, sheds, attics, garages. It came without a bobbin case but I have purchased one for it. I do hope that I can get it stitching!