Thursday, September 13, 2012

Body work

I bought a sewing machine on eBay a few months ago.  It was packed poorly and the case was damaged in shipment.  Fortunately the seller refunded part of the payment. 

The case was weakened by the fractures and unusable. 
Steven repairs fiberglass canoes every year during Memorial day weekend.  Big canoe race in these parts and his buddies come from Canada to race.  He used to race.  Now he hangs out, and helps with boat repair.  Anyway, he has this stuff to fix boats and I thought it would be the perfect stuff to use.  He didn't agree. 

But he did suggest that I use some  fiberglass cloth

And some five minute epoxy to seal it in place.  It worked great
Strong, like bull.

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  1. What a nice fix! I am always learning something from you!