Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Sorry

I know he looks contrite.  But he wasn't. Not a bit.  This morning, as I was trying to get Wilson to come in through the gate, Wrigley took off.  Ishould have known better.  Wilson was hot on the trail of a RABBIT and Wrigley had been denied the opportunity to join in because of the LEASH.  I thought that I would be safe but I wasn't.

The boys took off up the hill toward the field.  I saw the RABBIT.  They didn't .  But that didn't matter.  FREEDOM was at hand and Wrigley took the opportunity to RUN for it.  He truly looked happy.  Wilson, likewise.

I managed to chase them down with the help of our neighbor who was aroused at 7 AM by my frantic  calling.  Luckily she has dogs and understands.  Wrigley ran right upher steps and slobbered her with kisses.  Wilson, always more circumspect, was still sniffing for RABBIT.  We all got home to find poor Frannie, still leashed up, stranded with her leash stuck on a tree in the yard.

Clearly it is time for training.  OK Karen Pryor, here I come. 

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  1. You posts about Wilson has certainly brought smiles to my face and laughter to my day. Having owned poodles I am biased and reading these posts certainly made my day.