Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kenmore 158.1040

I am really in love with this little machine.  I got it on eBay ( I know, I know).  It was a good deal and the seller packed it so WELL.  I don't think this machine has seen much use.  There is nary a scratch anywhere.  I serviced it, stitched it in and set to sewing on it today.  The bobbin winder doesn't work.  I forgot to attend to that.  No worries it's  just a matter of heat and lubrication. Likewise with the feed dog drop.  I will take it to work and leave it in the hot car all day.  That should loosen it up! 

It sews very nicely and it has Zig Zag and other stitches.  Unfortunately it came with the straight stitch needle plate  only. I have to order the zz needle plate.

The nifty little attachment box tucks right into the machine bed. You could leave it in place during use.  I take it out.  I need to be able to access the bobbin without all that stuff in the way.

See what I made with it?
The celtic knot square I had kicking around.  I interfaced it with some fusible interfacing ( I am less than happy with the results.  Perhaps I should read the directions on exactly HOW to use that stuff).  The tote fabric is  scrap  from my window treatments.  I still had some of the celtic knot background so I was able to piece some straps together. I kind of like it. 

The little Kenmore (we have dubbed these machines Ketherweights) sailed right through the heavier fabric.  It had no problem with four layers of the drapery fabric of the strap plus the two layers of the tote.  I still want to top stitch around the top to secure the straps.  I am sure it will be no problem.  The shuttle gears are metal.  This baby hauls!!!


  1. Did you flip the little extension up on the end? ;) I have a couple of these little jewels too. They are sew cute!!! Did you get the case with it?

  2. Yes I did. I forgot to take the photo with its little "table" extended.

  3. But what was the answer to yesterday's quiz?!?

  4. I am still waiting for someone other than Michelle to answer. I thought you would figure it out. Maybe everyone needs an arrow.

  5. I have this little machine and it's the only machine I've ever had. Dug it out of the basement a few weeks ago because I hadn't used it in literal DECADES. Cleaned it, oiled it, replaced the lug belt. Runs like a dream. One problem, though. The special stitch selector won't turn. It's stuck. I can only get straight stitch and one stretch stitch. Can't dial in the others. Have tried everything I know to do. Do you have a fix for this? Pleeeeeease? ��