Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Alice, Kristyn, Elizabeth, Ingrid, Gail, William and Lyndell 2007 

Do you see that impish, white haired woman peeking over her grandson's smiling face?  That is my Aunt Gail.  A wonderful soul.  She passed a week ago yesterday.  We just returned from The Celebration of her life.  It was a very low keyed, informal gathering of her family and friends.  I was honored to be there.  
Gail and Alice
 Gail was a wonderful, generous, loving soul.  She   "farmed" a small 5 acre patch of Vermont in between two intersecting major high ways.  She loved life and lived it.  She raised flowers and vegetables and chickens there along with six children.  Five of them survive her.   She had donkeys, cats and dogs right there in the middle of all that crazy, commercial development.   Amazing. 


  1. A beautiful face! So sorry for your loss. May her memory always bless you.

  2. I love what you write about Aunt Gail. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.