Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bad paint or HIgh humidity?

I could not wait to get paint on the treadle irons today.  It rained yesterday (Isaac petering out over us, no pun intended) and it was still pretty wet everywhere this morning.  Steven told me that I could set up in his shop.   I set up two saw horses and that big, black heavy door that we use as a work table.  I spread the pieces out and carefully, lightly sprayed each one.  Just on the one side and very lightly.  I think many light coats is better than one thick coat.  Layering...

It took all day to dry.  I am afraid that the generic paint I selected might be bad.  The foot pedal is dry, though the other pieces feel a bit tacky to me yet.  I put them all out in the sun this afternoon for the few hours it was out.  That helped.  I think that the satin is just right.   Another coat will make it more shiny.  Perhaps I should have used flat black as the first coat.  Too late... Next time.  Right...


  1. Why did you mask off the center bar name? Will you be spraying that a different color or was it still brass colored after your cleaning?
    Even with good paint it takes 2 days of low humidity to really cure to a hard finish.
    Lookin so good!!

  2. I will be painting the letters a different color. I scraped away about 1/16th of an inche of gold paint from the letters. My dremmel tool worked fairly well, until the tiny little wire brush got so worn down it started to spit out the wires. I found one lodged in my forehead and one in my cheek. I decided that I would stop before I shot my eye out.