Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elgin Free Arm

I needed incentive to get up and go to work on Thursday.  No, the paycheck is not enough incentive.  I had to give a presentation.  I prepared but did not feel ready.  So, in order not to bail (like I would) I urged myself to get up, put on my Big Girl Panties and get to work.  But I needed a REWARD.  So I decided that it would be, what else, a sewing machine!
This adorable, little Elgin was 5 bucks.  It came with another machine, a White Jeans Machine.  They are rather like Siamese Twins; they share a foot controller.  But, hey,  two for ten is a decent price and they were just 40 miles away.

There is no extension table.  But it has needle left, center and right; a built in button holer; all those stretch stitches.  Metal shuttle gears but plastic cam stack.  Can't have everything.  Made in Taiwan.  It is clean and ready for stitch testing.
 OOPS  I never noticed that crack in the stitch width  selector.  Epoxy rescue !!!  (I also thought I had cleaned that knob. )
 I rather like it.  It is pretty quiet.  Who knows how it will stitch?  I am not fond of vertical tension assemblies.  I only saw one disc so I don't know how it can hand two needles.  I doubt I would use a double needle ever, any way.  This machine is a good one for a beginner.  Simple, I think.  I'll update this later; after I sew with it.

UPDATE.  It sews straight stitch and zz ok.  But no stretch stitches.  Back to the shop.  Needs some more attention.  Hey, what can we expect?


  1. You settled for a $10 reward for a presentation?!!! I think you have room left on your reward to buy about 3 more machines! (just kidding!)Can't wait to hear more about your machines. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. I love reading about your finds and how you fix them up! I am of course jealous. I never find machines for $5. or $10. I am looking now for a machine for a beginner. A friend would like me to teach her 8 year old how to sew. I was hoping to pick up a machine for $20 or less to get her started. No luck so far.

    1. Keep Looking. Remember, though I traveled 80 miles round trip to fetch these. So with the price of diesel at 4.25 a gallon, that jumped the price to two for 18.50. And there is only one foot pedal and to replace that might cost another 20. (Unless Betsy really does have one, as she promises) So there maybe false economy here. Of course never mind that I spent HOURS cleaning it and still have to figure out why the ss doesn't work. Yeah. False economy. You might be better off finding one for a bit more that works. But then what fun would that be??