Monday, July 2, 2012


Steve and I both drive VW Jetta TDI Sportwagens.  We love them and can pick them out of the crowd. This gray one used to be parked next to ours.  When we pulled away from the pump to park, Steve saw a family next to their Jetta with four bicycles on the back of the car.  He asked the man if having all the bicycles (they aren't there now) on the back of the car affected the mileage.  That's when he spilled his sad story.  Mistakenly he put gasoline in the tank.  Poor Guy.  On his way home from a wonderful vacation, tired and hot, he pumped gasoline  into the diesel tank.  OOPS.  We waited with them until the tow truck came and then followed the truck to the VW dealership with the Mrs and two girls in our back seat.  Then on to the motel.  We left them in Springfield and wonder how it all came out today.

After we were heading west again I asked Steve to see what the owner's manual has to say about such a thing.
"What do I look under?  Stupid things you might do to this car?"

I have to admit, I haven't even come close to pumping gas into my diesel fuel only tank.  But I do fear that I might.  It would be so easy if you weren't paying attention.  Fortunately I have been pretty well trained by now,  almost three years after buying the first one.  Diesel pumps are TOTALLY separate from the gasoline pumps at every station where I fuel up locally.  I know to look for the additional nozzle on the pumps at the rest stops on the Thru way and the Mass pike.  Still I worry.  This is exactly the kind of thing I would do....


  1. My friend, A..., sent me this link. Just though I would share for the curious.

  2. UPDATE.. I had a call from the gentleman in the photo above.....They were on their way by noon yesterday. It was an expensive lesson but apparently were able to get back on the road again.....WHEW.

  3. My husband did this years ago to a (former) friend's car & drove off. This is what happens: you're on a bridge & there is a terrible noise, which apparently can only be likened to the probable sound of "the drive train falling out of the car" & then everything stops in a jerk. It not a pretty picture & too true -very expensive.