Sunday, July 15, 2012


I like to work on the irons in the morning.  Before it gets too hot.  I have my little set up just outside the door, near the hose.  I have another station just outside the shop with the electric drill wire brush.  I figure that way I won't electrocute myself.  I scrubbed and scrubbed yesterday and then I drilled and drilled (Well, you know). Then I scrubbed some more. The SINGER letters will be a pain.  I think the Dremel tool will  do the job.  My arm is pretty tired from holding the heavy, Makita, electric drill.  But I am inspired to get the sides done .

For comparison, and dramatic effect

Now that I look at the photos, I see that the old silver paint did look like patina. 

GOOD NEWS!!!!ITS RAINING!!!!! I left the windows open in all the vehicles and left the tools out (well NOT the drill, but the tables) on purpose knowing that if I did that it would rain.  Yes, I am obsessive AND superstitious. 


  1. I am quite surprised to learn the brass finish was under the black, though I don't know why I thought otherwise. Have you reached a decision about how you will finish these?

    1. Dear DreinPA,
      NO brass finish under black. Just iron. I think that the SINGER gold lettering has been repainted. I have not made a decision about finish......I think I want to paint it a totally different color.......Bright Royal Blue. Or maybe I will find a very colorful Japanese ZZ to change to a treadle and paint the irons to match......HMMMMMMMM