Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Thrill is Gone

A year ago I drove 77 miles one way to fetch a Singer LBOW.  I had "won" it on eBay and I was so excited.  I had really really wanted an LBOW.  It came in a case with some attachments.  I don't have a photo of it.  How odd is that?  Well it is on display in the museum.  So clearly, I love it.
OK  we all know I have way too many machines.  BUT I cannot stop looking at Craigs List and  just before we went to Boston I saw   an add  for a Singer 301 sewing machine.  It was only 30 miles away.  I called, after a few days.  It came in a cabinet and I was not that excited to have another cabinet around.  There was no return call so I figured it was gone.  But after a week or so when the ad was still listed, I emailed.  Still no reply.  OK. fine.  I have a million other things to do.  I was not particularly bummed out.  Not at all. 

 Then last Friday I received a reply to my email. So I called on Saturday. 
"I'm running a yard sale , so I will be home all day." 
"OK, great  I guess I could come over now."

I called Betsy and told her that the machine was still available and that the seller was running a Yard Sale. 
"Oh Dear." was all she said.

I picked her up on the way (she can't resist yard sales.  I knew it and used that as bait)  We drove the 30 miles over hill and dale and found the place.  True it was a yard sale. But is was one of those on going yard sales.  There was nothing there we wanted except the machine

"It doesn't have a power cord." V. told me when I had called. 

"So , how do we know it runs?" I asked.  Well duh,

"I was told it ran when I got it.  Some how the power cord got lost."  

"OK. I would still like to look at it."  And I lugged a power cord along with me.  No big deal.  I had one extra.

It ran and it sounded very nice, actually.  Ran like a rabbit truthfully.  Just like my LBOW at home. 

I paid her and brought it home.  Cabinet, some attachments and extra bobbins and all.  The cabinet has a knee controller.  That is a very nice thing.  I don't have a Singer Cabinet with a knee controller.  I wanted one. 

But honestly, I did not get the "OOOOHHHH LA LA" I used to get when I got a machine.  This was an "Oh well, is local.  I have to go look and if it isn't any good I don't HAVE to buy it." 
But turns out I think it will be a good one.
1956 Singer 301A  LBOW

I miss that thrill, though.  The hunt, the chase, the capture.  The DEAL.  It just didn't happen.  Now, if I came across a 201-3 or a 201-1, ooooohhhhh lala.  That would get me. 


  1. Good thing you know someone who would buy it after you get your thrills playing fix up.

  2. yes Betsy, but you haven't told them how good we were on Friday. Lizzy (so I don't sound like I'm referring to myself, although we have started finishing each other's sentences)and I took advantage of a Craigs list posting for Estate sale on Friday. A sewing machine was listed. When we got to the run down house with an assortment of throw outs on card tables, we commented we'd have to buy something because we felt sorry for them. However..... when we got inside, we quickly picked up on the fact that most of the items were 3 times what they were worth, although they did indeed have a sewing machine. (a touch and throw) in a huge sewing desk. had it priced for $145.00. No dickering. While snooping through the draws I found a Singer 91 manual and asked if they had that machine. She did, but it was not for sale, but she did have a ornate singer in a stand back at the house. We figured from her description it was a red eye.
    She talked 2 of her helpers into lugging it down. yes indeed, it was an electrified red eye, in a treadle stand (needing significant repair.) we asked how much and she proceeded to hem and haw, stating, "how much do you think it is worth?"

    Now why would we tell her how much it was worth if we were looking for a bargain. I proceeded to tell her we were in the business, and fixing it up would take hours , and it's worth would depend on what ever anyone would pay, when her "I own an antique shop dealer friend (who probably helped her overprice all the rest of her junk) told us that she just sold one in "not as nice condition" for $125. I felt like saying, yea, so what did YOU pay for it. Of course I was polite. So the owner came back with $75. we thanked them very much, told them good luck, and left empty handed.. See how good we are getting. what would we do with another Red Eye?...for the right price sneak it into the house and find a place to put it I guess.