Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kenmore 158.1814

 Not the greatest picture.  Something is wacky with the camera.  Still, the machine looks like it is floating on top of the bench, doesn't it?  I love my new plexi-glass work surface.  It is such a pleasure to work on it.  Soft and strong and smooth....

This is a newer model Kenmore 158.  I don't think I like it.  It is not as easy to thread as the older models.  The width control is inside the top and the presser bar pressure regulator is inside the needle bar area.  Inconvenient.  Sleek looking, true, but inconvenient.

I kept moving the tension wheel, thinking it was the stitch width control.
Is it not weird looking?  God forbid that would need attention.....I would not know where to begin..
The stitch length control is simpler and more flimsy looking.  But it has a built in button holer.   I can't wait to try it.

The cams go in on top.  But there is all sorts of other stuff happening up top too.  The stitch width knob and the stitch selector knob along with the bobbin winder.  When I stitch tested it tonight I found that I just wanted to leave the top open. 
I don't think this design is particularly functional.  The stitch selector knob is miles away from the stitch indicator
But look at where the check spring is!

The camstack is metal as are the  camstack gears.
The stitch selector knob is plastic and it meshes with a plastic gear.  Bad idea. If this breaks, its all over.  I bet you can't get this part anymore..
The handwheel has a thin cover that I thought could be removed by just popping it out.

Not so. That piece was glued on.  I pried it off and did some damage.  This should have been a RED FLAG.  But I ignored that and proceded to take out the three little screws.  I was astute enough to notice that this piece was springing up.  I very carefully removed the last screw to avoid any sudden projectiles.
I thought I was so smart.  I did not lose that spring (red arrow).  I carefully snapped this photo and marked the handwheel with a piece of tape to indicate where that screw belongs.  The blue arrows are pointing to three very important items.

 I would love to tell you about what happened after I removed that screw.   But that is another that involves a moron (me).  I will save it for another day.  Wrigley is lying down upside down next to me, Wilson is snoring across the room and I can barely keep my eyes open....Just wait though.  It is an amazing story about ball bearings.  Little ones.  The ones behind those blue arrows.

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  1. Oh, this one is scarier than the Kenmore 1451 I am working on. Can't wait to hear your story.