Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Restor a finish

Wrigley was whining after dinner.  That meant he wanted a raw hide.  I had three left; out in the shop.  We went out after them and while they chewed, I decided that I had better put the handle back on the Bent Wood case top  before I lost the parts.  I started this project in May.  My intent was to just put the thing back together.  But while there I decided to try out the Restorafinish.  The case is pretty beat up.  I got it from Betsy.  She was selling it at her yard sale and it was my reward for helping her set up. 

Back in May I took it apart and fixed the lock.  Oh that thing was bent and did not work and it seemed hopeless.  I got it out, lubed it up and got it working.  Then I put it in Steve's vice and bent it back into a functional shape.

It fit back in its rightful home
and with a very specialized "key" it works.
I know that it looks very bent.  Trust me, it was way worse.  And since it actually does fit into a base and work, I am leaving well enough alone.

I tried out the Restor-a -Finish product.

I am not disappointed with the results.  I don't want to spend a lot of time restoring this case.  I am happy to get it looking decent.  Perfection is not my goal.  Here you can see how it looks when applied.

The end looks good, don't you think? (Compare to above.  That one is upside down, sorry)

Since I have too much to do, I think this is a reasonable alternative to sanding and putting a new coat of poly on these.  Besides, the veneer may be weak and why stress it?

I put a coat of feed n wax on as well.  While I was at it, I treated that pitman rod from the treadle.  Oh dear, another unfinished project. 

This is the before photo of the front.   Check in tomorrow for the "after" photo. 

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  1. Apply Restor generously and let it sit 15 mins, then buff with a lintless flannel (or well worn T); it needs to kinda-sorta dissolve the existing finish a bit to smooth it out. Can be done after FeednWax.