Thursday, July 5, 2012

306K threading diagram


To Thread this machine have the presser foot UP.  The needle goes in with the flat (scarf) to the back

1. From the spool pull the thread through the thread guide at the top. Then anchor the thread against the machine with your left hand and pull

2. the thread  down and around through the tension discs.  There are three (it accepts double needle) it doesn't matter between which two.  KEEPING  pressure on the thread yank/tug/jerk the thread

3.Up under the check spring.  This check spring is open so be sure the thread gets caught under the spring.  I have two number 3s in the photo.  Sorry..

4. Then back under the thread guide

5 Through the take up lever.  The take up lever should be in its highest position ideally.

6 7  8  Thread guide

9 through the eye of the needle front to back . 

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  1. Your 306 is a beautiful! I had one with the brown crinkle finish....thought it was ugly. The shiny black & light green ones are the best looking (I think).

    How do you feel about having a machine that takes a special needle?