Friday, July 13, 2012


I promised an after photo:
That there is bare metal. Yessir it is.

For those of you who missed the before photo
That there is dirt and paint and rust and what not.....  The what not was the easiest to remove.

Inspired I tackled the cross piece

And no I am NOT cleaning the house today.  Maybe on Sunday I will run the vacuum.  (I use a shop vac, it has the best power).  Today I am going to sew.  I need some fodder for the other blog so if I am not here, I am there.

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  1. I have often wondered what oven cleaner would do to treadle irons. I understand it is used when rejuvenating cast iron pans, and don't see much difference, provided you are willing to remove the paint as well as the dirt. Anybody have any opinions on that?