Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Singer 201-2 light

The Singer Light sits on the front of the machine on a 201-2.  That is one way you can tell it is a 201-2 The round stitch length regulator is another.  Of course, the characteristic potted motor on the back is the tell tale give a way.

I have gotten myself into a project now.

The wiring on that other 201 (this is a photo of the Centennial.  Pretty, yes?)  is so bad.  I just have to pull the light.

So I dug in

The light comes off the front of the machine fairly readily.  One screw.
When the light is pulled away from the machine it looks like this back there.  ICK
That screw is a set screw that simply stabilizes the wires in the housing.  There is a little protector that sits between the wires and the screw.  You can see it in the next photo.

OK so now how do I get to the wires IN THE LIGHT FIXTURE?  Turn the lamp and look at the end and you will see the screw.

More fun.  I would rather......oh you know... anything...

Wilson had surgery today.  He had a big old fatty lump taken off of his chest wall.  Perfectly benign.  But it was big and as long as he was under for the dental cleaning, they lobbed it off.  He has a huge incision and I have to keep him quiet.  Not hard to do tonight.  He's pretty stoned on the anesthesia. Tomorrow might be another story.  So we have to go to Bainbridge to look at a Boye Needle Display.  Oh Darn.

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  1. Oh, I have seen a few of those Needle Displays on Craigslist and I have been SEW TEMPTED!