Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I did it myself

I needed more shelves.  I don't want to try to lift sewing machines any higher than the existing shelves BUT I need a place to put all of the cases that I will someday get around to re-furbishing.  Some of them are probably trash.  So I bought some brackets and put them up.  Steven donated a plank (a 2 by 10 by 10) and I had some more shelves. 
I don't need that extra bracket you see above the Brother.  I have another bracket so I will remove that one and have two brackets for a shorter shelf somewhere.

Quite the mess, yes?  This why I could never be a hoarder.  This mess BOTHERS me and it looks better now.  Tomorrow I will have some after photos.    All the crumpled up bedding is for dust protection. 

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