Tuesday, July 31, 2012

True Test

There appears to be an OSMG (Old Sewing Machine Guy) collection of machines and parts for sale in Scranton.  On a lark, I emailed the link to Betsy.  She is considering it.  But I think if I said No it would end it.

But can I say no to even an inquiry?  One hundred machines for 500 dollars?  Where would we put them?  I have NOT said a word to Steven.   Jack was not opposed.   He said if she got them she ould keep half of them here.    I think we are nuts. 

Mother, you must not mention this.  

We will likely come to our senses........

But then again...... 5 bucks per machine and who knows what else????

Update....Sold.  Ok  we called.  But they were gone.  Whew.  I never did ask Steven.  Wonder what he would have said???

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