Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Power? No Problem

Why the power would go out on a perfectly sunny, gorgeous day I will never know.  It did yesterday.  JUST as I was preparing to review my lesson plan for our Wednesday class.  I am teaching.   I wanted to go through it, step by step and write it all down.

I was pretty ticked off.  So I came in the house and set to work on  the Red Head upstairs.  But the light was bad.  So I used the 31-15. 

How much better can life get?  A wonderful treadle sewing machine and a faithful companion at my side.  Of course a tidier desk would help....

The 31-15 is a treasure. It is very smooth and easy to treadle.  I do love it.  And I was able to complete the project.  But I hate the outcome.

The bag is too deep and it doesn't seem functional to me.  It is constructed from two fat quarters.  I  simply sewed them together, folded it in half. Maybe if I had folded it the OTHER way it would have worked better.  I made it into a little shoulder bag...for a small person....

Too Bad   I like the fabric.

Back to the drawing board.

See the revision at


  1. Wow! I love your 31-15. I don't have any large machines like that. Sorry your power went out. I don't think the heat is helping things. Our Mediacom has been whacky off and on for the past week, which means no tv or internet. I can' handle the no tv, but the internet, OH MY!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if your Singer 31-15 can sew through heavier materials like leather without a motor?


    1. Claude
      I don't know about leather. I have not really tried it. It takes a different needle and I don't have any appropriate needles for leather that will fit this machine....