Sunday, July 29, 2012


I was sewing this afternoon when Wrigley came up to the loft and climbed into my lap.  That is not an exaggeration.  He would not get down.  Granted two of his paws were on the ground (the guy weighs 70 pounds, my lap can't hold all that dog) but he would not budge.  Clearly he wanted something.  I did not have to guess.  He wanted to get out of the yard and go up the hill.  It was almost 5 PM and he had waited ALL DAY for me to get off that chair and go up that hill.  So we did.
Wilson won't stray far from Frannie.  Wrigley lost his off leash privileges months ago when he ignored my pleas to "Leave that SQUIRREL alone and COME."  I get pulled along most of the walk.  Though I am tempted to let him loose, I know better.
The black berries are ripe and I had a snack on the way down the hill.  I love our field.  It is dry this year.  Most years there is a wet spot just about in the middle of the field here.  Wrigley loves it too.

I love the view too.  Can you see that one red tree in the middle of the photo?  I think it must have succumbed to the dry weather.  But sometimes in early August we do get that hint of fall in the air.  Ah Summer....
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  1. awwww. so cute. I have a standard and a mini, as well as a small dog of undetermined origins.

  2. You truly have the luckiest dogs in the world, even on-leash Wrigley! Look at all that nature!

    - Rain

  3. Looks very peaceful in those hills!