Friday, June 29, 2012


 Steven and I are trekking over to Boston tomorrow to see the grand kids.  There is a problem with my grand kids.  They haven't been born yet.  So we will settle for visiting their parents, my son and daughter in law.  It is predicted to be 102 tomorrow over there in Bean town.  Great  I hate the heat.  I almost cancelled. BUT the kids are so busy and this may be the only chance I have to visit all summer.  I am going. 

Max called earlier tonight and said the magic words, "Do you have a sewing machine you could bring along?"  Turns out, they have a friend who has a "little sister" who wants to learn to sew.  I am taking along a little Kenmore 385.12321 four stitch machine.   It is perfect for a beginner.  I am trying to acquire more of these machines, but they are hard to come by lately.  Maybe I will look at Craigs List in Boston....  HMMMMMM...

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