Thursday, June 28, 2012


Steven has been kind enough to help me design basic little bases for the sewing machines.  The pine that I used for the last two certainly worked out well;  notching out the backs where the hinge pins go was easy peasy.  I can almost do it with a utility knife.  But, its pine, for heaven's sake.

Look what I found in the Dutch Barn...oak flooring.  OOOOOHHHH LA LA
It looks to be just the right width, too. Now, I am never going to be able to whittle away notches in this stuff.  Time to learn how to router.......But we have to agree, oak bases are much nicer than pine.  I think I will buy myself a new set of drill bits..... good ones......and beg for  a lesson on the router.  I bet I can learn how....I just don't want to use that table saw.  It scares me....

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