Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Do it!!! Don't buy another sewing machine

Wrigley barks a lot.  He is pretty tired of me gallivanting off to all sorts of New York places to fetch machines.  He is telling me here to stay home and play with him, just before I left on that bogus trip to Troy. 

I am heading to the pawn shop tomorrow.  They promised me they would be open and apologized again, for the mistake.   I do have another machine lined up to fetch as long as I am going that way.  I wonder if I will ever stop?

Maybe it is time to retake inventory........   Nah.....


  1. Hey, fetching machines is healthier than doing drugs or frequenting the bars. Quit being so hard on yourself. I say, 'Go rescue those machines!' There are lives, er, machines to be saved!!! ;P

    1. Oh Michelle, You ALWAYS make me laugh.....OK I will and I will find some for the Sewing Machine Project!!!

  2. I have just startedputting the fittings back on the wooded covers on my three German Machines and I made a daft discovery one of them doesnt belong! I thought the handle looked suspiciously like a singer and when I put back the cleaned up brackets there were two on the top and only one in the middle of the base! I think I will stick the top on ebay and strip the machine for the parts as its a bit dodgy- I noticed that the decals where missing and the japan gloss really bad so I decided to try re-enamelling, as it couldnt get any worse, and when I sanded back the finish there was a weld right across the flat bed! How odd! it was a line of brass!