Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It all happened so fast

For my birthday I was promised a whole day of sewing machine related activity.  That was three months ago.  I decided to cash in a few hours at a time.  Tonight Steven agreed to teach me how to make bases for the sewing machines.  I didn't even have time to take photos of the process.  Though I tried.
He plans to rip me some stock.  I am sure that I can manage the chop saw
And the drill to drill the pilot holes for the screws.  I just have to practice.
That sheet rock screw and fender washer are for another project; putting up foam insulation in the Dutch Barn so that the sewing loft is not ice cold next winter.

Steven did suggest that I use sheet rock screws to screw the bases together.  I said " I'd rather not, if you don't mind."

We did glue the pieces together and held everything in palce with clamps while I drilled the holes and put the screws in.  I have about fifty of these bases to make.  I think..   Yup that could be accurate.  I have ten machines in the house alone that need them.  Well I will be busy.....

But how nice it looks even with that chipped piece of wood.

Compared to..

I am very happy.  And I have about 10 more hours of my birthday present left.  I figure a 12 hour day is about what I am worth... Hmmmm wonder if I can get him to help me put up the shelves in the shop tomorrow?

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