Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Treats for you tonight!!!

We told you, well, Wrigley told you, to stay home and not buy any more machines.  But did you listen?  NOOOOOOO.   See these steely eyes?  That is NOT the sun too brightly shining.  It is the look of...YOU ARE SO IN TROUBLE.  NO TREATS FOR YOU TONIGHT!!!!

Capital City Cash was open when I got there at a little after ten today.  The folks were very friendly there and helped me right away.  I did have to exit one building and wait in the entrance way to another store front as the NYM (Nice Young Man) went to fetch my machine.  I had been, admittedly, a little bit nervous about going to the Pawn Shop by myself.  And I was a bit peeved to have to go back.  But , by the time I got there I had scored two other sewing machine related items  (why the dogs have disciplined me ) so I was in pretty good spirits.
Kenmore 158.1814
 I am going to tell you, that Singer 223 is HEAVY.  This quilter's tote came in pretty handy at the Pawn Shop

Actually, the pawn shop was NOT EXACTLY opened when I arrived.  I had parked a couple of blocks away and as I approached the shop I saw a man outside the shop, sort of hunched over a big crate. 
"Are they open?" I queried.
"In a few minutes,  Gotta boot up the computers." He replied with only one side of his mouth.  The other side worked, he just chose not to use it.
"I'll be right back."  like he CARED?... I have no idea why I said that....

I trekked back to the car to fetch the tote.  By the time I got back,  he had disappeared inside.  The foyer was dirty, as I expected it would be, and the inside of the shop was dark.  But, there were some NYM inside working.  One, mine, was applying shipping tape to a big, flat, box, which I suspect housed a Flat Screen TV.   When he brought out my machine he said " My mama never owned a sewing machine so I have no idea what it is supposed to look like." 
I examined the machine briefly,  and then,  he was kind enough to place it inside the tote and I high tailed it back to day light and the car.  WHEW.  I had the Singer 223.
When I took this picture I realized that I have seen this model of Singer before.  Last fall I worked on one at the Ray White class.  That one had little seeds inside of it and was pretty locked up.  The light was missing as I recall and the machine did nothing for me.  Now I am intrigued.  It came with a manual.  I guess I will spend some time with it.  Its kind of cool looking and not like most of the Singers I own.  I actually chased this down for Rain ( and I really think that I should pass it along.  All of you who are afflicted with SMAD  understand my dilemma.  Rain does too.  He has said, over and over, "Only if you don't want it..."  My problem?  There really isn't a sewing machine I don't want....well, OK, a Singer Touch and Sew... No thanks.  And a EuroPro,  nope.  But a Vintage Singer ......shoot......It is missing its spool pin and who knows what else.  The bobbin case and bobbin are intact.  The foot controller looks ok but the wires should be replaced.  There is a knob in front; I wonder if that is to lower the feed dogs.

It has a pretty cool case.
 That nifty hand cart I bought for Betsy to use in her shop.  She needs something like that to move her machines around.  It was an impulse purchase from Mr. Vivian (Vivian's husband) who sold it to me when I bought the Kenmore.  He claims he just decided to sell it last night.  Who knows?  He had all sorts of stuff there, including about a gazillion little American Flags that you can attach to the car.  No thanks, I want to keep my car as stream lined as I can, better gas mileage that way.....


  1. Hi Elizabeth, great score! Did the Kenmore come "with stuff"? Did you get to haggle in the pawn shop? You have now expanded your horizons even further!

  2. I have a Singer 223. It's sews a zig zag & a blind hem.
    Made in Japan... it has the gear box below the feed dogs like Kenmores of the same period.
    My instruction manual says 1968.
    I thought it was very odd that this one machine was made in Japan when the 237 was made in Monza Italy & the 328s and 337s, 338s were all made in Great Britain.

    I decided my 223 was a keeper the first time I used it.
    A neighbor received some bedspreads a local hotel had donated to our county animal shelter.
    We cut up the bedspreads (to be used as bedding for animals who had surgery).
    I used my Singer 223 to sew the rolled edges. I was thrilled with how smooth the machine sewed.
    It's a nice machine but very heavy! Mine is going in a desk.

  3. Those dogs are SOOOO CUTE!!!

  4. My cute Singer 293B came in the same gray carrying case as your 223 btw.

  5. That Kenmore 158.1814 looks awesome! Can't wait to read your review!
    I've seen a similar looking model that's a free arm but the needle is closer to the front of the machine.

    1. That model might be a 385 with a drop in bobbin. I like the vertical oscillating hook, myself..

  6. Ooh, purty. Be sure to try it before you decide whether or not to pass it this way!

    - R

    1. Yes, I will......feeling guilty all the while.....

  7. OMG! You took a Ray White class!?!? I wish that I were able to take one of his classes. I don't have the time or the money to take one. Actually I would love to take the entire series that he has (is it 2 or 3?) I would love to be able to quit my job and make a living working around sewing machines and fabric!

    1. As far as I know, he only teaches the two classes.

  8. Bought a Singer 223 at the Goodwill Outlet Store (in a wood cabinet) for $5 last week. It needs a good cleaning, oiling and adjusting ....but HEY! who could say "No" at the price?