Thursday, June 21, 2012

The triumph of hope over experience

I don't know why I don't stop buying machines on eBay.  I guess I am addicted.  BUT I must stop.  My most recent experience has convinced me

I love the Vintage Kenmore 158s.  The free arms are especially nice.  I use my 1760 happily and the free arm comes in handy frequently.  So I bought a machine on eBay and it arrived, poorly packed and damaged.  I am pretty sure the machine is ok.  But the very nice case was cracked on top and I could tell it was a new fracture.
I also discovered that the machine "ready to go" does not function properly.  The special stitches do not work and the needle bar moves with bobbin winding.  I contacted the seller who agreed to take the machine back.  I packed it all up (better than how it was shipped to me) and was ready to cart it off to the United States Post Office.  I turned around and discovered the foot controller still on the work bench.  Defeated I decided to keep the stupid thing.  I bet I can get it to work.  But I was hoping it would be ready to go, as promised.  There you have it .  The Triumph of HOPE over experience.

I should know better

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