Saturday, June 23, 2012

Consolation Prize

I had vowed to stay off of eBay after my last debacle with the Kenmore 158.  That seller offered to take the machine back but did not offer a partial refund, which I would have preferred.  I decided to just keep the machine.  I can fix the stupid thing and it is a free arm and it is light weight enough for classes and it is a Japanese made what the heck.  Lesson learned, right?

Well, not so fast.  There was a machine relatively close by and I figured I could just pick it up should I "win" the auction.  Which I did.  And so I emailed that seller and asked SPECIFICALLY if I could pick the machine up today.  Sure, no problem.  It was, after all at a business location and "just tell them at the counter that you have an eBay purchase..."  Right.  Except that when we (Sonja went with me, this time.  I am trying to convert her) got there,  IT WAS CLOSED .  Oh boy.........I sputtered a bit...  and then sputtered a bit more.  " Well,  dog hooey."  or something else....

I tried emailing the seller.  No luck.  So much for the smart phone.  I still haven't heard from the seller as of this writing, though I did email him/her through eBay so that there is a record of how FAR I had to drive to fetch this machine.........I really do not want it shipped.  So I reckon I will trek back up that way during business hours later in the week.  GEE WHIZ.

BUT all is not lost.  Craigs List did not fail me.  I found a parts machine for 10 dollars.  Worth 2 probably but you know me and charity cases.
This is a 1951 Singer 15-91.  It is in pretty rough shape and I am not going to revive it.  It is a PARTS MACHINE.

The motor is worth ten bucks, or more.

The foot controller is probably in pretty good shape, just dirty.  It depends on how many times it has been dropped.  The female three prong connector is intact and I love having them around.  And Mr Three Pin Terminal looks pretty healthy as well.

So all was not lost today.  Sonja is great company, but I got a feeling she is not going to acquire SMAD.  She has two machines.  One is a Kenmore that she bought with her first paycheck after graduating from Nursing School sometime in the 70s.  The other is a Viking 6030 that she bought from me, which I bought from Betsy.  At least it is getting used which 79 of my 80 machines are not.

We did stop in Joann's on the way home.  I bought some interfacing for a project that you can check out on the other blog  I also bought some elastic thread.  That is for some shirring that I want to try.  That post will be on the Magic blog too.  When I get to it.  Tomorrow I have to mow.


  1. Ohhhh, I would have been upset....mad.....Grrrr....but you did rescue a machine, even if for parts.

    If Sonja hangs around enough, SMAD will rub off on her. She will see one she loves and the hunt will begin.

    Have a great tomorrow! No sewing machines were found for me today, but I still have 4 or 5 that need my attention from the last two weeks! Maybe I'll get one cleaned up tomorrow morning. I'm busy in the afternoon.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful posts. Currently I do not have the time or room to do what you are doing with sewing machines, but my spirit is with you! In a few years I may be able to start playing with machines on a regular basis. Right now I do it vicariously through you. You make my day. Thanks!

  3. Is that a centennial badge I see on your $10 find? You might want to consider refurbishing it rather than parting it out.

    1. John,
      The machine is rusty and the finish is shot. Its a parts machine, believe me, centennial or not.