Saturday, June 9, 2012

Road Trip

Betsy and I went to Clifton Park yesterday afternoon after work.  We both had a half day.  After we prepped her Dreams Park Rental for the next guests we drove east to fetch two machines. 

A White 477
And a Kenmore 158.14301

As you can see, I have already started to service the Kenmore.  Then I realized that I am supposed to be getting organized and took some photos.

I also set up the Makita compressor.  Steve gave it to me and I finally got all the quick connectors installed.  Wilson did not like the noise but I sure did like blowing all the dust out.  After I cleaned the race and rinsed it with denatured alcohol, I blew it dry.  NICE.

I still have more servicing to do.  I have to clean and re-grease the gears but this is an all metal machine.  It came with buttonholer and feet in the original attachment box.    It's a very nice machine to add to the inventory over here at Vintage Sewing Machine Magic. 


  1. 158.14301, my go to machine. His name is Neil. :)

  2. Nice machines, but Kenmores ROCK!!! My friend Judy had a Kenmore given to her Friday from a lady at a garage sale because she told her I could fix it, and that I was donating machines to the Sewing Machine Project....and after junkin' today, I have FIVE more to donate.....Keeps me out of the bars! ;p