Friday, January 4, 2013

Why Oh Why or $#!*%^(!

So today I decided to delve into the other 201-2 that Betsy bought.  I noticed that the motor leads were new.  I was encouraged when I unhooked the motor from the terminal block.  The cute little ring connectors were neat and tidy.  When I got into the motor, though, I was very sad.

I should have re-soldered the stupid thing then.  But I didn't .  And now the connection is broken and it is not looking good for this motor. This connection  was wrapped with electrician's tape.  I didn't notice that.  But after I sprayed the inside of the motor with electronic cleaner, it dissolved the glue.  So I peeled that off and  put some shrink stuff on this connection and thought it was OK.  Hours later, when I was ready to try it out I found out that I had royally messed up. The motor was dead.   More choice words.  Mostly despair.  What is it about this hobby that keeps me engaged?  Any right minded person would have given up, walked the dogs, had some wine, taken a shower and read a good book.

Of course, you all know that I am going to try to re-solder it. 

I actually have another motor that seems to be in a bit better shape.  Now that is crazy because it was my worst case scenario motor.

But who knows.  Maybe I can salvage this one.  Or not.  But because it is Friday night we are going out to dinner.  Right after I shower all the petro-chemicals off of my body.

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  1. If anyone can, YOU CAN, and I know you WILL! ;)