Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kenmore 158.84 stitches

Betsy came over yesterday with her Kenmore 158.882 Trispan.  It is a lovely machine.  The feed dogs don't drop and the stitch length varies.  For comparison, to see how the feed dog drop worked, she got out my Kenmore 158.84.  I had not worked on this machine since November of 2011 when I took it to the Ray White class.

It had a broken gear
I bought this machine December 31, 2010.  It came with my Singer 319.

 I don't understand how the gear broke, but it was easy as pie to replace.  I unscrewed three screws holding the whole piece in place and dropped the new one in.  Ray had said something about timing the blind hem stitch cam or something.  I cannot remember.  I never got around to it.  None the less when Betsy got it out, I decided to look at it.
I could not figure out what he meant.  There did not seem to be any sort of adjustment necessary.  So I just found a foot for it and fired her up.

She works very well.  Quiet like all end loader Kenmores and strong.  I tried one cam and it worked. I imagine the others will as well.  It is a very nice machine for a beginner.  I wonder if I still have the cabinet that it came in.


  1. Where did you find a replacement gear for the Kenmore?

  2. Your Singer 319 is beautiful! I love the green 319s. They're really nice looking sewing machines. If it didn't require special needles, I own one.

  3. I rescued a Sears going to trash. it works perfectly but is without the manual would you know where I can find one?

    1. Try Sears Parts Direct. You may get lucky