Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blogging Endorphins

I write this blog because it makes me happy.  Recently Peter Lappin, the famous blogger of Male Pattern Boldness, published a post all about writing a sewing blog.

I do not blog about sewing, so his advice is lost on me.  Still, it is interesting to read what other bloggers consider important.

Honestly?  I don't care.  I write because I like to learn about sewing machine repair and I like to share what I have learned.  Of course, Ego likes positive feedback.  Id just wants to have fun and Super-Ego rarely makes an appearance.   (Super Ego gave up a long time ago.  Probably after machine number 30 or so joined the herd)

I like to re-read my blog too.  When I can't blog, I amuse myself, sometimes, by going back and reading the more clever ones.  Of course, with the wealth of information contained herein, I also review past projects and remind myself of what I did. 

I do appreciate that daily there are hundreds of pageviews.  Sometimes as many as 500 !  That is rare.  Usually it is around 250 -300.  I remember when it was less than 10.  Ego likes pageviews and I cannot prevent Ego from checking "how many today."  Id is just having fun, lots of it.  


  1. I'm glad you blog, and I'm glad you,re here. I learn from you. You are brave, and I'm glad you show us what you do. Its great to have records of your experiences and if ego plays a part, that's ok too. Thanks for being all you do.

    1. Oh Thank you Michelle. I learn from you too!

  2. I like to re-read your blog too.

  3. Thank you for blogging. I love your blog and come back often. I work for a sewing supply place so I find what you write interesting. Very. I also read the malepatternboldness. It's good too.