Saturday, January 5, 2013

Feed dog lifter rollers.

I have a 201-2 that just doesn't seem to run as fast as it should.  It bothers me.  I decided to go through the whole thing to see if I can figure out why.  I oiled it.  I pulled the cover off of the back gears, they looked fine.  I looked everything over.  Then I saw that the feed dog drop was stuck.  I loosened that and got it moving.  Then I looked at the roller.  STUCK.

Feed dog lifter rollers in the 66 are pretty easy to get to and clean.  Not so in the 201

The roller is really stuck.  It does not roll at all.  I have it soaking in some denatured alcohol now.  I think I will get some acetone and ATF and see it that will free it up.  Right now, though, I have to walk the dogs and do other non sewing machine related activities.  Like get some coffee..

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