Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I put the first coat of polyurethane on this weekend.  I am surprised at how it darkened the wood.

Before and During

During and After

I tried staining the repair on the bottom front.  It looks awful. 
 I think that I will buy some Mahogany colored paint and just paint it.  Supposedly this stuff was stainable.  Apparently not.  As you can see in the photo of the back (above this one) I left the repair "natural" that I did on the back.  We aren't building pianos here.  My goal is to get this project finished, the machine installed and move on to the next project.

Which is another Singer 301 with very icky gooey gears


  1. I love the new finish! It's going to look great, even with a few little flaws. So much better than before.

  2. Wow, the cabinet looks like a million bucks! The 301 gear looks like someone who is right-handed tried applying grease with their left hand.

  3. What a difference on the table! I really need to work on mine;it's my favorite table with my favorite machine ( a 201). I never want it out of action long enough to work on it. Maybe this summer.

  4. I sure have been enjoying reading your blog! After reading another one, I was wondering where would I look to find out what year my treadle is? Any idea's? I figure you would be the one to ask!
    Jean C.

    1. Jean,
      Dating sewing machines can be as easy as looking up the serial number on a chart to as difficult as searching high and low for similar looking machines on the internet. If you have a Singer, the serial number usually is found on a brass plate in front of the pillar. You can then go to the Singer Website and look up what year your machine was commissioned. It isn't necessarily the year the machine was made.

    2. Thank you Elizabeth.... I will try that.