Saturday, January 26, 2013

Once Upon a Tme

"What are you doing, honey?" I said as I came in from more sanding.

"Working on my gortex pants. I need to sew on belt loops."


"My suspenders hook to a belt."

"Oh. How many do you have to do?"

"Six or eight."

"How many have you done?"

"One half."

"Oh for Heaven's sake.  We have over one hundred machines.  Let me help."

So I got out Viking Designer II.  True I could have used the Singer 237 treadle or the 401.  I have not used the Viking is such a long time. I thought I should try it out.  Once upon a time it was my only machine.  I knew nothing else.  Now that I have all these vintage machines I know better.

I had to remember how to thread it.  I kept reaching around back for the presser foot lifter.  The whole thing is automatic and electronic.  I was pretty confused.  I managed to sew all 5 nd 1/2 loops though and Steven's belt fits and he can wear his suspenders on his mountain climb tomorrow. 

Do I like this machine?  There are some features that are nice.  Needle up and Needle down.  Automatic foot lifter. It sounds like a remote control airplane, though  and I live in fear that its 10 year old mother board will die.  Its stitch isn't pretty AT ALL.

What should I do?  I can't service it myself because I can't figure out how to get into it.  Bench fee starts at 90 bucks and I am not at all interested in paying someone to service a machine that I rarely use.  So I guess I will sell it.  Locally.  I am not interested in shipping it.  Not at all.


  1. I got a chuckle out of this post. Whenever I switch backs and forth between my computerized machines and my vintage ones, I always have to re-teach myself how to use the comp one. The vintage machines are just so basic and sturdier. I would sell it if I were you, since you hardly ever use it.

  2. I am kinda in the same boat. I have a viking #1 without the embroidery on it. I can say I don't like it. It is actually boxed up in my room. I currently am sewing on a Bernina 830 record (with a Non Bernina motor but works fine) and a kenmore 158.1757 flat bed.
    I don't like the computer machines anymore either. If anything breaks, I'm sunk because there is no way I am paying an arm and a leg to get it fixed or worked on! Thinking about selling mine as well!

  3. I bought a vintage Kenmore to my first sewing classes. The instructor told me she used to sew on the same machine. She had an electronic machine now. She'd been sewing & teaching sewing for about 20 years. She loved the electronic features on her newer machine. Said it made sewing easier for her. I've sewn on newer electronic machines. I still prefer a vinatge all metal machine.

    1. I prefer the vintage machines, too. I wish I still had my Viking 6430.