Saturday, January 5, 2013

Five dogs

I know.  I know.  This post is not about sewing machines.  But we had five dogs here and it went quite well.  Steven even allowed Franklin (the little black and white dog) on his lap.  So now I am that much closer to getting a Rat Terrier. 


  1. Dogs are good, too. :) Very cute. (We have six.)

  2. Yes I think you need a Franklin in your pack - maybe a little smaller so she can get into those tight spaces. We adopted a Peke and wow is he "tuff" - loves the snow - the deeper the better - he just tunnels under and pops out for a looksee every couple feet (a snowmole?) AND, he caught 4 moles this past summer. There are no rats or mice in my "bome" (barn-home)... 4 cats; 5 dogs (assorted sizes)... and too many machines, including 2 old rescued Franklins.