Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little Dab will do Ya

I am old enough to remember this commercial

Today as I was working on the 301A,  I kept repeating to myself,  A little Dab will Do Ya (TNWSS)

Clearly whoever serviced this machine last did not have that philosophy.  Though I have a feeling he (likely he) is also old enough to remember this commercial

Double you Tee EFF?

(OK  I have never pretended that this blog is G rated.)

It took me a very long time to get this goop cleaned out.  I used a toothbrush and kerosene and wiped and wiped and wiped.  I would use the toothbrush soaked in Kero, scrub and then I would wipe it off on a rag and start all over again.   I flushed with SM oil then scrubbed some more. It was a MESS.

But so worth it.  Just a small little bit of Tri Flow grease and these gears are good to go.

Remember yesterday's photo?
This was a bit easier to clean up.  And true to my philosophy, there is just a dab of Tri-flow grease on the textolite gear.
 In order to clean this all up, I took the motor out. A future post covers that.


  1. We were watching a commercial tonight for Family Guy or Simpson's, not sure which, and their way of cussing was 'Question Mark, Pound, Exclamation Point!!!!!' I thought that was cute. I hope I remember it next time I need to cuss!

  2. Oh, thank you. Even without watching the commercial, I now have the jingle stuck in my head. LOL The big gear in my old Kenmore looked like that the first time I opened it up. It came from the factory packed in what looked like Vaseline. I just left it.

  3. Last night I took the covers off my new to me Featherweight and it looked just like that. Dried grease splattered everywhere! I don't alway enjoy getting machines in mint condition. I enjoy the task of cleaning and cleaning...

  4. When it comes to machinery, I find that the parts should well-lubricated to ensure that it runs smoothly. I guess the previous guy failed to understand that putting too much grease is never good. I'm glad that you managed to clean all of that out, as having all that goop could collect debris and do more damage than good.