Saturday, January 5, 2013

Before Coffee, even....

You see, this has a mechanical joint, of sorts.  The purpose of solder is to keep the mechanical joint in place.  It is not to create the joint.  I did this all before I even had coffee.  I just got up, went out to the shop and decided I would try to do it. 

I left the other side as it was.  It had a mechanical joint, almost and to de-solder  and re-solder was just pushing my very bad luck.  The motor works.  It sounded sluggish at first but I just held the controller down for a few minutes.  It slowed right down to almost nothing.  Then Seth came out and  I had to show him some stuff in the shop.  Then, when I went back to try it again, it sounded much better. 

I am so done with 201s.  Then Betsy called and said that a friend brought her a machine that he bought for his girlfriend.

"I think its a 201 and he wants it by Wednesday. But if you can't get it done by Wednesday he will bring it back to you to work on after he gives it to her for her birthday.  The tension is on the front, that makes it a 201, right?"

"It could be a 66."

"I thought the tension was on the faceplate on a 66."

"That's a 15."

"Oh, what do I know?"

"Is the stitch length regulator rectangular or round?"


Where is the motor?"

"On the back."

"Is it a small machine?"

"No full size."

" I bet its a 66.  If its a 66 I can pick it up tomorrow and have it done tomorrow. But I am not doing any motor work."

Not for a very long time.......

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