Friday, January 25, 2013

More Sanding

Short day at work today which meant I could come home early and work on the cabinet some more.  I am not going to do the perfect restore on this piece.  I did decide to take the hinges off of the top piece.  I wonder if those little shims are original?  It certainly doesn't look as if this piece has been refinished before.  Maybe the cabinet maker routered out the hinge recess a bit too much. 

 I think that the spring in this hinge functions to help hold the support bar in place when the top is folded in the closed position. 
I had some repairs to make.  The plywood was peeling where the veneer had been damaged.  I also found a foot in one of the drawers.
Since it was above 60 in the shop by this time, I decided I could repair these with wood glue and clamps
I think the foot will hold.  I am not so sure about the veneer and the peeling plywood.  It is in a vulnerable spot.  I can see how that part of the cabinet could get kicked frequently.  I could see a nice narrow piece of copper along the bottom there.  But copper turns green when it oxidizes.  Maybe a thin piece of brass.  That would be classy. 

I sanded one drawer.   I took DreinPA's advice and used a sponge as a sanding block.  It worked very well.  The finish is old and sands off easily.  Look how nice the top looks. 

Steven tells me it is mahogany veneer.  I am going to sand the back of the top and apply a coat of polyurethane as a test to see how it looks.   I don't want to stain it dark.  I like the natural look.  Plus it is less work.  I would like to highlight the handles with a different color stain.  Talk about more work.  I may have to re-think that. 


  1. I own one of those cabinets and so I know that all your hard work is going to be worth it. Mine needs some TLC--watching your progress may motivate me to get busy and do the work.

  2. looking very nice. mine ( same cabinet) has the same shims. I left them. I think you are right about the function of the spring.